Thursday, November 20, 2014

Theological Thursday: Creationists spit in God's eye and tell themselves they done good

Creationists spit in God's eye and shout "That's not what you did, God! I will tell you what you did, because it says what you did right here!"

Jack Butler eloquently explains that Evolution is not a Religion.

Similarly, the straw-man counterpart to Evolution, Creationism, is not about Religion, nor even God, at all.

Let me say that again, with emphasis: 

Creationism is not about God, at all.

Creationism is a lie invented by men (not even women, but men, and sadly this has been proven, so don't even start with me). It is about dogmatic thinking. It is about proper behavior and proper thought. It is about control. Control is power, power is privilege.

Imagine if a Muslim or Hinduist came to you and said "Everything you think you know about living creatures is wrong, and I have pamphlets, books, and videos to show you, and nevermind that it's completely full of holes and defies the one model on the subject that actually does explain shit."

Yeah, you'd tell those religious nutjobs to fuck off.

Wake up, Creationists,  you're being played for suckers by people who are out to jerk around your emotions, yank your insecurities, and twist your hearts, until you surrender everything to them, because they've got you so muddled and confused you not only stop thinking straight, you stop thinking at all, and simply become mindless slaves to the dogmatic authority.

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