Friday, December 19, 2014

You guys like ME! Yay! Now, pay attention to the words coming out of my mouth...!

I have long maintained the secret of success on the Internet is "Be A Personality." It's not enough to be damn good at something anymore. If you're going to gain and retain an audience, you have to be interesting. You have to be a personality. People have to give a crap about you as an individual, and have a reason to want to return again and again to see what your antics are.

That's why "reality television" does so well. That's why a chicken farmer can win a Las Vegas singing contract. (Let's face it, the guy was decent, but those concert promoters were screwed, because he wasn't good enough to retain an audience, especially since his core fanbase was in the Bible Belt back East.)

Anyway, this 16-Dec-2014 snapshot of my all-time most popular posts only supports my premise that Being A Personality is the way to go - you guys are more interested in ME - and how many bottles of wine I went thru on election night* - than any of my Very Important public service messages.

Need more examples? Okay, how about MadeYewLook by Lex, Jessica Nigri and Starfucked. They didn't score that many followers on looks alone. Jessica does some really fun "fan mail" vids, in which she tries to hide how much some of them creep her out, but doesn't quite hide it completely (and the fact she left that in tells me it is intentional and part of the show). And, okay, so maybe Alexandra "Starfucked" isn't quite in the same league as Lex and Jessica for sheer size of fanbase, but she knows how to Be A Personality, and the name has great double-take value (and I totally want that green dress; I'd probably hate wearing  it, but it would be fun to find out)  :)

Obviously, I'm doing something right ;-)  Now, I just need to keep being interesting, and slowly my subversive message of "Use Your Damn Brain" will get out there....

* I'm pretty sure it was 1.5 bottles. He kept trying to cut me off, but a friend was hosting, and friends don't let friends suffer sober and all that... ;-)



  1. Lex has a beautiful new project - #ShowSomeCharacterProject - and you should check it out.

    For my full commentary on how badass I think Lex's #ShowSomeCharacterProject is, and why it makes me cry, here you go

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  3. Anyone know how to make URLs in comments actually frickin' URLs?? Argh!

  4. Well, that was totally off-topic, but that very non-sequiterness makes it interesting enough to leave :-)