Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Money Sex: How easily we become confused

It's class warfare, bitches. It's time we woke up and smelled the reality burning.

My household has some money invested. It's small potatoes compared even to millionaires, let alone the fantasy-world of multi-millionaires or billionaires.

I looked this morning, just out of curiosity, and my numbers were 3% lower than a few days ago. Which means they're still higher than six months ago.

But, I confess, despite my constant efforts to remind myself what reality is, there was a part of me that panicked and felt like I'd lost something

Now, for perspective, the number is still 30% higher than the sum total of all the money I have put into it.

Yep, if I'd stuffed all that money in my mattress, I'd have only about 2/3 of what I have now - and all I had to do was let a bunch of money pimps whore it around and magically produce more money out of nothing.

That's a pretty sweet deal, when you really think about it. I do nothing at all, and magically people give me money for it.

Damn, how sweet it would be to have a $million$ to hand over to these money pervs for 20 years and see what sick magic they would work.

Now, here's where I get to the other point: humans are easily confused. We tend to think whatever we care about is what is really important, regardless of whether or not that is an illusion.

So, let's say I did have $5 million in investments. That 3% would be $150,000 - Hell, that would really feel like a lot of money "lost" in a few days (remember, that it never actually exists when the money pimps are working it - it remains potential money until cashed out). That kind of money would buy a really nice vintage car, or two, or be a down payment for a mega-mansion, or even be enough to finance an entire indie feature film (yes, really, I know indie filmmakers who could make some sweet screen candy for $150K).

I can see how the 1% can easily get confused when the orgy-masters on Wall Street pull these shenanigans.

If I were a Trust Fund Kid - living life based on the output of that money sex rather than living life based on working my ass off every day, then I'd really freak out, because my candy lifestyle could be in danger, especially if I made bad choices and overspent.

Now, just because I can see how the 1% and 0.1% can become confused over their value compasses, and make idiotic choices about how to exert control over their treasures, doesn't mean I won't punch them in the face for being greedy and stupid, and buying politicians who shit on the rest of us by playing feudalism with the economy - funneling wealth from the poor to the rich in order to harden the privileged class of wealthy and rich, who live by climbing on the backs of the new peasantry.

Once we, the peasantry, understand how the slimy house of cards is built, then we can 1) play the game to exploit the bastards right back, 2) press our elected officials on the right buttons to establish legislation - such as taxation - that says "congrats on the fruits of doing nothing, now you get to share your free largess with everyone else by helping pay for the roads you drive on."

It's class warfare, bitches. We outnumber the fucks, and our sheer numbers provide unlimited raw power, if only we can get our shit together.

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