Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Zitpoppers? Ew! Why am I still watching??

In the general category of "What The Hell Is Wrong With People?" I recently discovered all the horrible, disgusting, and wretchedly fascinating videos on YouTube about things like "World's Largest Blackhead," and "Biggest Tonsil Stone," and "Puppy's Skin Infested With Maggots," and "Insect Extracted From Ear Canal." (No, I'm not providing links - if you really want to traumatize yourself, then you have to take full ownership and find these horrors yourself.)

So, what the Hell is wrong with people that these videos have so many viewings? Why the Hell did I watch them (yes, all four of those)? Why the Hell did I watch more?

It's only a bit healthier than watching video of a medical amputation or an actual beheading. (Hello! Real People feeling real horror and pain and carnagey death, and they don't get to laugh about it and go home when the camera stops, because they're really dead!) As a species we seem fascinated by the bizarre and horrific. I mean - "Human Centipede" wasn't horrible enough in every literal and artistic way, people actually auditioned to be part of a sequel?? (Ditto you don't get to blame me if you look it up.)

Oh, and to come back around to the starting point - turns out the "world's largest blackhead" was just a clogged bellybutton. W.T.F.?? Man spends 20 years and never once cleans his bellybutton until some doctor (okay, some person wearing latex gloves) gives it a squeeze and out pops this gunkwad the size of a marble? What the Hell is wrong with that guy? I mean... doesn't a bath once a year prevent something like that... never squeezed it once, ever, himself to clear it out...? Inexcusably ewwwwwwww!

I don't actually have any answers to why people are so fascinated by the disgusting and grotesque (darkly, it's easier to explain why people are so disgusting and grotesque). I just needed to share my trauma at how screwed up we are as a species.

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