Monday, December 15, 2014

Musical Monday: MadeYewLook by Lex - Passion and Body Paint

Okay, so Lex isn't technically doing music videos, unless you consider her voice, which is just crazy sexy (and no, I can't tell you precisely why I think that; it all comes down to harmonics and the energy she exudes).

I'm a sucker for superheroes, and she does some really cool makeup tutorials for superhero/supervillain like characters.

Anyway, she's done a ton of these - and she's also done other video log entries, for example apparently she has diabetes, so she talks about that a bit, and has even set up an Instagram feed for her dog. Woman knows how Be A Personality and sell herself as the product.

She's also managed to turn this video hobby into a way to make money, since she now has her own Lex-branded line of products, and has worked vendor booths at conventions (she's done vids showing those, which is how I know). I appreciate that she works her plugs for her products into the vids without over-doing it (it's all in the deadpan matter-of-fact delivery).

So, let's see - this post is all about sharing something fun with you, and I think you'll enjoy it.

It's about supporting someone who has found her passion and has fun with it, and that is very cool.

And diabetes is a serious illness that can be treated by diet, exercise and medication. (I don't know, I just felt like this post needed some gravitas, and a PSA fit both the criteria for gravitas while still being light-hearted).

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  1. Lex has a beautiful new project - #ShowSomeCharacterProject - and you should check it out.

    For my full commentary on how badass I think Lex's #ShowSomeCharacterProject is, and why it makes me cry, here you go