Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Corporations are not people; stop talking like they are

Language is important. Phrases like "Koch Industries would not talk to us" are logically invalid, since "Koch Industries" does not actually exist, except as a consensus acceptance of a body of laws, and therefore cannot make decisions, nor speak.

"Representatives from Koch Industries would not talk to us" is a logical construction, because people who are members of an organization can choose to talk or not talk.

By using the phrases "Bane Capital fired 1600 people today" we perpetuate the idea that non-existent entities can think logically, and we allow the human beings who make the decisions - and execute the decisions - to throw 1600 people to the wind, generally as a way of making a handful of people at the top of the food chain even more rich to hide behind a paper shield, operate without repercussions, as they hide behind shields made of smoke and mirrors.

Therefore, if we are ever to hold responsible - or give credit to, e.g. "Engineers at Apple have unveiled the iPhone XIV"  - the human beings that make decisions and accomplish things - for better and worse - we must reintroduce those few little words into the sentences we use. 

If we are ever going to escape the fallacy of "Corporations as people" and recover our civil rights - as HUMAN BEINGS - then we must demand that other human beings be called out. 

You can do this by telling the human beings that write news stories or press releases that you expect them to stop being lazy, and use proper sentences. Send an email to the humans at your news station that says "Microsoft cannot make decisions, because it does not really exist, but representatives of Microsoft made decisions, and by-the-way, those representatives have names, and who were they, exactly, so they can be held accountable for their decisions?"

Perception is Reality, and as long as we buy into the fiction that non-existent entities are real, then they are real. And we - as real people - have the power to reject this false reality and demand accountability of the humans behind the curtains.

Here is the litmus test: If the ZomPoc happened tomorrow, who could help you rebuild? "Puget Sound Energy" or "The engineers with skills and equipment who have pieces of plastic identifying a tribal entity (PSE) that doesn't fucking matter anymore, because the zombies are coming!"  I mean, really: In the ZomPoc, there is no "Microsoft," there is no "Fox News," there is no "Koch Industries," because the laws have changed, and anything that requires a law to exist doesn't really exist at all.

Change the language, change the reality, reclaim the world.

Edit: Here is a fantastic article on NPR which discusses how this bullshit came about, and reinforces that the class  warfare party line decision by the Supreme Court justices in 2010 threw out a century of legal precedent to further their neo-feudalist agenda.


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  1. "Citizens United vs FEC" - the party-line vote by SCOTUS selling America to the corporations

    Note that the GOP continue to block efforts to undo the damage.
    for example