Monday, December 1, 2014

Musical Monday: "Freak Like Me" by Halestorm - I've Found My Anthem

Going to try a new theme day. I've trying to curb some of the anger in my soul with other things. Mostly, because it's not good for me to only be angry, but also because people get bored of a one-note talking head. Even Rush Limbaugh changes it up from time to time by acting like he cares about people, or getting himself caught in a drug scandal-of-his-own-making, and whatever.

So, anyway, let's try "Musical Monday."

I've got a grrl-crush on Lzzy Hale. I love her voice, and her delivery and her energy.  You can love her body; she's hot. (Her brother has yummy abs, too.)

It's not likely any kind of stretch why I identify with Halestorm's "Freak Like Me." I mean, talk about angry and embracing it. :)

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