Monday, December 22, 2014

Musical Monday: "Come With Me Now" by Kongos - Value of a Soul

Anyone who would buy a soul, isn't worth selling to.

In addition to the moral bankruptcy of the buyer, you know the bastard is going to be a skinflint and leech. Play you along with promises and temptation, toy with you, confuse you, get you to make stupid choices until you've burned your bridges and become desperate to sell for nothing. At which point you've become nothing, and are worthless, so no reason to buy your sorry ass, since you'll give yourself away for free.

Don't try to sell your soul. It's always a losing bargain.

Anyone who can buy a soul has more cunning than you, and knows how to bargain better. You'll get screwed on the deal, because you won't understand the fine print, even if you can find the fine print. Being mortal and short-lived, you also won't grasp - not for an instant - the consequences of selling your soul. Even if it turns out the soul isn't immortal, and exists only in this lifetime, you think the buyer won't compensate for that and arrange to shorten the time in your body in order to exploit time out of body, or just plain corrupt everything about your mortal existence to gain the benefits of the new purchase?

Anyway, it's a fun song with great sounds - especially the slide guitar. I'm always amazed when people can work an accordian into anything and make it sound good.

I love the "dead soul" look of the black-and-white underwater footage. The technique is practically trope, but it works really well for the intended imagery, and fits the story well.

I also love the stop-motion (or stutter-motion, or whatever it's called) scenes, where only one or two elements are actually moving. I don't think these serve any function other than being fun to look at, but they certainly achieve that without detraction, and therefore add to the whole.

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