Wednesday, December 31, 2014

If we make the solution illegal, the actual problem magically goes away, right? - It's Class Warfare, Bitches

Apparently, asshat politicians are at it again. This time, according to the petition, the asshat philosophy is that "If we make it illegal to feed homeless people, then homeless people will go away, right?"

Okay, let's cut thru the smoke-and-mirrors.
  1. The only goal of a program like this is to Look Like Something Is Being Done. It's a smokescreen;
  2. To starve homeless people into going anywhere else and becoming somebody else's problem. Note that under this model, "dead" is a legitimate form of "somewhere else,";
  3. Reality Calling: If homeless people had an alternative option to being homeless, they would take it. Ignore what O'Reilly, Limbaugh and their buddies try selling you: there is nothing glamorous about having no food, nor shelter, and being at chronic risk of violent assault every day from gangs, other starving people, or even just middle-class assholes with a hard-on to kick someone who can't fight back.
There you go: classic political "fuck those who can't fight back, because I can trample them in order to gain power and prestige."

It's class warfare, bitches.

#ItsClassWarfareBitches #IdiotsOfTheWorld


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