Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rush Limbaugh is a Socialist Commie Pig

Communism and socialism are philosophical ideas which operate on two core premises:  
  1. Wouldn't it - as Jesus said- be such a great world if we all just tried being nice to each other for a change? Or parsed more eloquently, wouldn't it be nice if we had a world where people could selflessly contribute what they can, and take only what they need? And,
  2. That humans could possibly stop being the most selfish fucking creatures ever to infest God's own playground.
See, its that second point where all falls apart, not the first part.

This is important for two reasons: 
  • Humans are selfish - as a genetic survival mechanism, this is good. As a social pack animal survival mechanism, this is bad, because it means that humans will shit on each other and tell themselves it's justified;
  • Very Selfish humans, e.g. Rush Limbaugh, steal your money by convincing you that the natural order is to be selfish, and that being anything other than selfish is foolish, and that it's good and proper to be selfish, "Now buy my book telling you how to screw your selfish neighbor, you naïve little tit, hahahaha."  
In the real world, any government that called itself "communist" or "socialist" may have started out as a naïve ideal to force humans to be self-LESS, but the machinery was quickly corrupted by self-ISH bastards willing to lie, cheat, steal, shit on other humans, and do so all for selfish purposes (that's what makes them selfish bastards, after all).

In the real world, "communist" and "socialist" governments never existed. Instead, there were right-wing totalitarian dictatorships and fascist governments marketing themselves as left-wing philosophies, which is not the same thing, no matter what any greedElitist Opportunistic Pig says.

Let me rephrase that last point, because it's crucial: When asshats like Rush Limbaugh scream against the evils of "communism" and "socialism," they're actually screaming against the evils of their own right-wing agendas of fascism and totalitarianism. It's all smoke and mirrors.

See, left-wingers don't do death squads, which is kind of the ultimate benchmark of right-wing world, because "bleeding heart libdems" are all about having empathy towards other humans, and you can't put people into concentration camps, or cut their heads off with chainsaws, when you can feel their pain (i.e. empathize). It takes cold-hearted, selfish, narrow-minded right-wing bastards to do that kind of shit. This is also proof that in the real world, the "communist" governments of North Korea and China aren't, because they pull the same shit that Saddam Hussein, the Shahs of Iran, and those psychopaths of ISIL and the Taliban pull - e.g. concentration camps, disappearances, bloody murders, and torture.

It is true the United States is being aggressively dragged toward fascism - by the GOP lap-monkeys of the uber-rich elitist scum (who are scum, independent of being rich, although the pampered privilege of being rich lends to becoming scum). For example, we've established that right-wing asshats advocate torture, e.g. President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney saying "strapping people to boards, humiliating them, and hurting them - like the Vietnamese did to Sen. John McCain (which is why he can't raise his arms above his shoulders, i.e. his bones were broken too many times by his torturers) is okay." Yeah, see, right-wingers dragging us to the right, i.e. fascism.

And, in the real world, the bastards running these right-wing-governments-in-"socialist"-clothing were driven by their greed for power and privilege. They created laws that enabled them to gain (or "steal," whichever) more power and privilege (like the GOP are doing, prodded onward by people like Rush Limbaugh). They dominated the media with their message of how they were justified, and righteous and how everyone else was The Evil Bad Guy.

...exactly the same as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, the bastards behind the Tea Party, the Walton (Wal-Mart) family, and pretty much everyone working in the Rupert Murdoch Media Empire (you know, Fox "news"), etc., etc.

In other words, Rush Limbaugh is secretly a Socialist Commie Pig.


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