Tuesday, November 29, 2016

You're conservative, not stupid

I'm fed up with the farcical narrative of the modern Democrats being KKK, which is as stupid as the legend of Lincoln being conflated with modern Republicans. Only an idiot would think Lincoln - who freed the slaves - would be part of the racist GOP today.

Nixon flipped the racists to the GOP as part of a power struggle. And yes three politicians flipped. This isn't rocket science, it's a garbage narrative right-wing fools tell themselves so they can feel like the good guys when they're not.

And let's talk about the deceased Senator Byrd who left the KKK in 1952 and spent 57 years opposing them so much the NAACP honored him in 2010.

But, you know, fact checking is hard.

And, it's so easy to confuse six decades ago with six months ago

Trump spent the last six years hate-baiting white supremacists. And calling for race-based intimidation at the polling places.

So, yes, the President-elect is directly responsible for the race-based hate crimes going on right now.

Further proof is that those who commit the crimes say they have been empowered by their Great White Savior.

Interesting how those who have felt their loss of privilege, confused by inability to adapt, started spewing hatred years ago, and now say it isn't their fault that they are hateful petty violence-living assholes. Funny thing their concept of "personal responsibility."

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