Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NOT a referendum on white people, so quit whining

With poll numbers like this, I predict you're going to be hearing that #Electiongeddon2016 was a "referendum on white people."

Well, it wasn't. It was a referendum on stupidity, selfishness, ignorance and greed.  And also racism, sexism, and if people had any kind of working moral compass whatsoever.

Now, what Electiongeddon2016 poll results like this say about white people ain't a pretty sight.

It means we got a lot of house cleaning to do, to flush out the racists, sexists and generally stupid people who can fall for a total bloviating conman like Trump. And fall hook, line, sinker, and dumb fuck ignorant ball of whole-nine-yard wax.

God, Electiongeddon2016 is a humiliating critical mass of the American people standing up and screaming "We're total suckers!"

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