Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mocking the Bundy pricks, because they deserve nothing less

Because those Bundy pricks deserve to be mocked and ridiculed at every possible opportunity, I've captured this, so it will live as long as possible (long after Craigslist pulls it).

Also, Cliff Bramlett had this on his wall, so I captured the meme, and below that is what I wrote in response to that meme.

It will increase as long as there are sociopaths who live for power over others. The sociopaths who own the media sculpt the narrative, and sell the bullshit that armed terrorists holding taxpayer property for six weeks, denying taxpayers the ability to use their property, and denying taxpayer-employees the ability to perform the jobs the taxpayers are paying them to do, are somehow "not terrorists," but "merely protesters." 

"Protesters" my tight butt. The Bundy clan and their idiotic followers are selfish dung heaps worthy merely of contempt and ridicule. Oh, and dildos. I love how people sent them dildos as care packages while they were illegally occupying American taxpayer property. Dildos for dildos; exactly right.

Let's be real - this is simply going to embolden asshole white domestic terrorists like the Bundy assholes.

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