Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Berned: Shut the fuck up

No, really. Get over yourselves. Have you looked at the numbers who turned out for Trump?

Are you really so stupid as to believe "all" of those people would have voted for Sanders?

Stop being as stupid and self-congratulatory as the Trumpettes.

This goes for Hillbots, too: the Berned didn't cost you anything. The truth is there are too damn many Trumpettes.

Trump is about to usher in the most inept, corrupt and destructive term in history not because people don't like Clinton, but because people are so goddamn naive and stupid as to have embraced Trump.

Polls showed Clinton ought to have won. You expect polls showing Sanders scoring well against Trump months ago meant shit yesterday? Yeah, point to shit and tell me it smells nice. That's the same logic that swept Trump into office.

The Berned didn't mean shit to November 8 turnout, because people bought the shit Trump was selling.

That and that alone is why today is such a fucking mess.

The American people voted massively in favor of the GOP - the party that has been fucking the American people for 40 goddamn years

The American people have embraced the discordia being sold by the GOP. The American people have embraced the lunatic message that the very people who are fucking them are somehow not the people fucking them, but that by embracing their tormentors is the only way to be safe from their tormentors.

Yeah, the America people have embraced the mental equivalent of "Amanda Berry giving Ariel Castro everything he wants so that he will protect her from the police."

That didn't work for Berry, and thank God she was finally able to escape.

Unfortunately, the American people aren't as smart as Amanda. The American people have continued to embrace the idea that Donald Castro is their saving god - some all-powerful authority figure who will take care of them and "make everything all right," even as he tells them in very small words he's going to beat them and hurt them.

It's the very definition of abusive relationships.

So, listen, Berned. Be angry. Be pissed off. But realize you're in the same shit the Clinton supporters are in - that 80 million Americans have embraced Ariel Trump and want to watch him fuck you as hard as he fucks them.

The Hillbots and the Berned are in the same ship. Now it's time for both groups to quit bickering and realize they have a xommon enemy, and that battle is going to take a long time to sort out.

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