Monday, November 14, 2016

Hedge Zero - zero proof, zero credibility

Why is it always easier to believe that some bogeyman billionaire - in that lone, and lonely, liberal bogeman, Soros - is in charge of our lives than that some asshole on the Internet made shit up for attention?

My first concern about Zero Hedge was the reference to Wikileaks docs but not even a link to Wikileaks let alone the supporting evidence. Sorry, Zero boys, but when your claiming bogeyman, burden of proof is on you, not your reader.

Zero Hedge full of shit about magical billionaire giving such a shit he's got lackeys paying for buses to move people hired (apparently with no paper trail anywhere - that's missing cash on the level that Haliburton employees lost in Iraq).

And here is my favorite "Hey, unlike those guys at Hedge, here are our supporting links to sources outside our own blog" fact checkers (what a concept) at Snopes explaining why buying Hedge's story at face value is just silly.

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