Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If you think you can survive a Trump presidency, it means you don't care about those who can't.

Larry Lyons, bless his mad heart, wrote (and I captured it here, because it's just so very thorough):

Of course Sanders was robbed of the nominations. 

By all those many more people who voted for Clinton than voted for him.

If you'r still pissed off over the results of the primary so much so that you're voting for that Anti-Science Anti Vaxx whacko Stein, then say hello to President For Life Führer tRump . By voting for a third party you are throwing your vote to tRump. Bernie Sanders said quite clearly he is against that. In this election, Ideological Purity is a Luxury.

With a conservative reactionary GOTP majority House and Senate, Trump will sign any fascistic bill put before him by McConnell and Ryan.

Also in the next President's term anywhere from one to four SCOTUS justices will be nominated to the bench. With that conservative majority in the Senate and tRump in the Presidency, you'd be guaranteeing an extremist right wing SCOTUS for the next 20 years. And not just the SCOTUS, but also in the superior, appeals and circuit courts. By ensuring a tRump presidency you would also be ensuring that every progressive effort over the last 40 years will be in jeopardy - Voting rights, abortion rights, same-sex marriage etc. BECAUSE you decide to have a temper tantrum over Sanders not being elected to be the Presidential nominee of the Democratic party.

The fact is that you have been lied to time and time again. However, since a lie travels around the world by the time a truth puts on its shoes, you believe in every Kochroach inspired lie about Ms. Clinton. You've been played for a fool for believing in those lies. And are twice the fool for believing them.

Bernie Sanders may not have won the Democratic primary but he certainly won a huge battle. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, Sanders will have won the war. Now it's up to his supporters to continue the work by turning congress blue. That means voting in every single subsequent election! Including the midterms. Then, keep on top of your elected officials. Write letters. Make phone calls. Let them know that you are watching and you will remember them on election day. Remember. All politics is local. That's where you have the most influence. Its called getting involved and keeping involved. If you are not willing to do the work to ensure that what you think is important is put into effect, that says a lot about you and how much you value your ideals.

80% of the Sanders platform has largely been integrated into the Democratic Party's platform. What you forget is that the Perfect is the Enemy of the Good.

Ideological purity is a privilege. If you think you can survive a Trump presidency, it means you don't care about those who can't.

For me, I have an out as a dual citizen I can easily cross the Canadian border and watch you and the US figuratively and possibly literally burn. You will have to live with the consequences. Let us on the left in Canada know what it feels like to betray all of your progressive values because of your wasting your vote over a juvenile snit.

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