Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Haters Suck

Okay, not a brilliant title, but does it need to be?  Really, "haters gonna hate," and all that crap.  But you get your range of whiney babies to full on violent criminals in such a broad stroke.  That's a LOT of negative energy.

Specifically, those that really suck are hate-groups - the bigots of the world who just exude negative energy toward people who scare them.  And, yeah, haters hate because they're little chicken shits, who can't pull their shit together, and gotta blame someone else (invariably the wrong people) for the failings of their petty little lives.

Suck it up and keep moving.  Did Jesus whine about gay people when he carried the cross to Calvary?  Nope. He sucked it up and did His duty.  Did He bitch and moan about dark-skinned people picking on Him while he was up on the cross?  Nope.  He sucked it up and did His duty.

Haters gonna hate, but they still suck rocks.

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