Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The GOP is going to keep abortion LEGAL

Listen up you anti-abortionist chuckleheads, because you're all naive idiots.

No, Im not even talking about the part where outlawing abortion won't solve a single fucking problem you seem to have some daft hope it will, and it will actually create numerous more problems that anyone really and honestly pro-life is already aware of and accepts as fact instead of pretending isn't a problem

I'm talking about the fact that your boys won't ever make abortion illegal.

I'll spell it out really slowly, not that it will help, because you've already stuck your fingers in your ears and I can hear you chanting "lalalalalalalala."

The Supreme Court has been dominated by conservatives for 45 years - including the most conservative skew in living memory under John Roberts and - wait for it - ABORTION IS STILL HERE.  What does that tell you? Oh, wait, you're deaf to reality calling, so never mind, I'll talk to the reasonable people in the room.

Ask yourself, how many right-wing political tools would you really have voted for if they hadn't promised you they'd make abortion illegal again (yes, we've tried the illegal thing, we already know all the things wrong with it)? I've had several people straight up tell me that was their deciding factor for voting for racist, elitist, incompetent businessman conman Trump.

So, you think the GOP - or any right-wing demagogue tool is ever going to give up that cash cow vote machine of abortion? If you really think so, then you're hopelessly naive and divorced from reality.

Abortion is here to stay, chuckles, because it's such a useful way to lead you around by that cattle ring in your nose.

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