Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giuliani - history's cruel joke

No reasonable historian will ever call former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani a good man, let alone a great man.

He should have been relegated to the dustbin of obscurity except for a fluke of timing (or a last concession from God, maybe) that meant he was still mayor and able to bring his 20 years of experience to bear when New York most needed someone who knew the city well. But, "9/11" gave the incompetent boor a new life he was unworthy of - and not up to the requirements of - and proceeded to demonstrate that every time he opened his mouth.

Still, and pathetic as Giuliani was and has been - and even if it is justified karma - it is always tragic and heartbreaking to watch someone publicly and high profile lose his mind.

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  1. Giuliani - after nearly a year of telling people COVID-19 isn't a problem - is now in the hospital with COVID-19. His lies over the last decade have undermined US security, undermined US credibility, and generally made the world a worse place. After all the harm he has committed, I have no fucks left to give that he has gotten himself sick with COVID-19.