Monday, November 7, 2016

Musical Monday - BARBIE GIRL by SonAmy the Hedgehog

So, continuing the theme of laughing my ass off at Sonic the Hedgehog does pop songs, and the fan love that ILuvKnucklesShadow gives, here's Barbie Girl.

The pink hedgehog is Amy, or Amy Rose, or SonAmy, depending on which source you're reading.  Because, you know, there was the original video game, the television show, later video games, etc.  And then the international versions. I have the impression the character's name evolved a bit, depending on the market and medium. That happens to the supporting cast, because who remembers their names, anyway, right?

Here is the original, by Aqua.  I always thought this song and video made such fantastic satire of the materialism of Barbie, the materialism of modern life, and just the sheer fakeness of everything.

And, I don't know. It's just fun, you know?

(Artist unknown. I found it on a site where it 
had already been swiped from somewhere else.)

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