Friday, November 4, 2016

I am having Nightmares of Trump

I am literally having nightmares at the real nightmare of Trump in the White House.

Even if this asshole doesn't occupy the White House - the nightmare that he has unleashed will persist - America is a land of degenerates and selfish tits.  

Fuck the lot of you selfish tits.

At this point, I have no hope to sway the election. The chips will fall where they may, but the damage this sick turd has done will persist for decades.

There is no "reconciliation" after this - there is only smashing the cockroaches back into the dark ages of the 1930s from which they crawled.  Purge America of the cancer of selfishness, racism and stupidity.  There is no "taking back America" - there is only going forward and growing up - evolve or die, you bed-wetting sexist, racist prigs.

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