Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Liberal butthurt" - that one makes me laugh.

"Liberal butthurt" - that one makes me laugh.  ** (footnote)

Especially since the people Trump is going to fuck most are the daft fools who worship him.

Trump runs a cult of personality, and always has.  It's really amazing how people worship his massive ego.

Trump has absolutely no clue how to run anything - the man has destroyed countless businesses - he's like the only one ever to lose money running a casino. How incompetent does one have to be to lose money on a cash cow?

He has no concept - and no interest - in running a government - which is not like running a business.

Even if Trump wanted to run the government, he'd fuck it up, because he has no clue how.

Trump doesn't want to run the government - he did the entire thing as a publicity stunt.

But, now, a bunch of fools have given Trump the keys to the biggest damn cookie jar in the world - and people expect him  to do anything other than raid it for his own personal benefit, fuck everyone else?

The man routinely tramples the little guy - and now the Trump Special Snowflakes expect Big Daddy Trump to Make Everything Right in their special little worlds?

OMG, talk about naive!

Liberals at least know WTF Trump is, and Liberals at least know to take steps to protect themselves against Trump's depredations.

Trump Special Snowflakes are going to have to look up the word "depredations," and then will still think Trump will fix their little worlds and be terribly, painfully, butthurt surprised when Trump - and the entire GOP - do what they've always done, which is Fuck America.

This isn't rocket science.  It's just digging your head out of your ass long enough to notice reality calling.

** (This was cathartic to write, in response to a bunch of idiots [way down at like comment 125]. It was also worth reposting here.)

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