Saturday, November 19, 2016

Don't try to out scumbag a scumbag - you'll lose every time

Okay, listen up lefties - "When they go low, we go high," wasn't just a talking point. It's important. It's one thing to petition Electoral College Electors to change their votes, but - this is important - DO NOT MIMIC YOUR "CONSERVATIVE" COUNTERPARTS BY MAKING THREATS.

Let me repeat that: the righties have a long tradition of making threats of violence, rape and death, but lefties will not fall to that level of scumbaggery, which only validates the righties belief that being a scumbag is just and proper behavior for righties.

There's lots better options than being a scumbag to a scumbag. You can't out-scumbag a scumbag, because the scumbag is just looking for any excuse to feel validated, so he can be a bigger scumbag.

Obviously, the people at have a political bias, and love to use the loaded words, but the point remains that lefties are being idiots about how to petition electors.

Don't be a tit.  Be smarter and better than your enemy.

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