Saturday, March 16, 2019

Alt-right chickenshit assholes

The "alt-right" are chicken shit snowflake assholes, too afraid to grow up and own their failures, instead constantly blaming others. This isn't rocket science; it's just not making excuses for their selfish cowardice anymore.

Also, Cthulu needs you to save him from the chickenshit snowflakes victim-wannabes. How fucked up is that?

"Though most of weird fiction has evolved past Lovecraftian pastiche and even explicit use of Mythos tropes, and rightfully so, discarding Lovecraft and relegating him to the margins would encourage Waffle-SS cosplayers to come out of the woodwork and claim him, and by extension the roots of cosmic horror itself as their own, and the Cthulhu Mythos would go the way of Pepe the Frog and tiki torches. If you’re sick of Lovecraft now, wait until the alt-right claims Cthulhu as a meme. Once that happens, the party’s over. The LA punk scene had to work tirelessly to call out Nazis and skinheads to stop them co-opting what they built, to keep a vital outsider scene from falling into the hands of elimationist imbeciles."



  1. Yes, well, the world has people who are creative and inventive. It's not a new thing that uncreative, stupid, or lazy people will steal the creations of others, claim them, take credit for them, profit from them. Even intelligent people who are jealous or greedy will steal from people who are more intelligent or creative than they are. Thomas Edison was one such person. Alexander Graham Bell, another. Lee de Forest was another. History is full of such people, so it's common and isn't going away any time soon. :-(

    1. Yes, second rate thieves and buttwipes will always exist.
      And we should still call them out for behaving like second rate thieves and buttwipes. :-)

    2. Also, thanks for the comment!
      Comments are the value-added lifeblood of blogs and discussions. I'm so pissed G+ got nuked. Sigh.
      Anyway, thank you for the comment, as your thoughts help broaden and enhance the conversation, and I appreciate that.

  2. Just so we're clear, all racists are, at heart, chickenshit assholes. Big ass cowards afraid they can't compete in the big bad scary world. Fuck 'em.
    It's important to remind them that they're cowards. They're used to people calling them out for acting like assholes, but we need to change the conversation and call them out as the cowards they are.
    Sure, racist assholes are allowed to "have their own opinion," so let's remind the muddled middle that racists are cowards, and cowards are certainly allowed to have opinions, but really? Defending the rights of cowards to be cowardly and afraid of the big bad real world? Muddled middle gonna defend that?
    Yeah, change the language, change the conversation, undermine the bullshit, and call the cowards the chickenshit assholes that they are.