Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cool Quotes - the Nanny State is Out to Get You

First they came for the 32 oz. sodas. And I said nothing. Then they taxed the cigarettes through the roof, and I said nothing. Now they want to take away the transfats, and when I tried to stick up for my donuts, there was no one left to speak up with me against the Nanny State Liberals. Buckle up and wear your tricycle helmet, Hillary is coming. And she's bringing her village.

JC and I agree on a lot of things, and disagree on a lot of things.  Mostly, he thinks all politicians are the same level of evil, and I think there are degrees of evil.

I think someone also pointed out that some of JC's items were laws enacted by Conservatives and not Liberals, but the point remains that these are all distractions from things that are really important, like creating jobs and repairing crumbling infrastructure.

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