Wednesday, July 15, 2015

GOP: Personal Accountability, My Ass

Republican candidates whine when people dare to quote them at themselves.

Reminds me when a Tea Party person went thru the one tax return Gov Mitt Romney released, then asked Mitt during a town hall meeting to explain all his offshore taxhaven money, and Mitt blew him off.

Or when semi-Gov Sarah Palin embarrassed herself, and tried to blame Katie Couric for "gotcha journalism." Sorry, lady, Katie threw the raw footage up on YouTube, and we learned that Katie and her editing team had tried really, really hard to save you from your own incompetence. Your whining just dug your own hole deeper.

So, no surprise to see Cruz taking the attitude of "You can't take anything I say seriously, even the things I say seriously, so put me in charge of your government, trust me. Seriously."

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