Friday, September 26, 2014

Freedom of Speech does not mean you can't get fired from your job, asshole

Rob Schneider is a twit and a tit.

1) He's anti-vaccine.  Okay, there are so many reasons this is selfish, dumb, and well, just bone-headed wrong.

2) He's confusing getting fired from a private contract job with "freedom of speech."

Freedom of Speech means "the government of the people, by the people, shall make no law prohibiting speech."  Just like that asswipe on the Duck show chanted "freedom of speech" when he got fired from his private contract job with a television show for being a racist tit, so Rob is trying to claim that private industry is the same as government.

So, let me see - Rob and Phil want to say that "My private contract cannot be canceled, regardless of what I say, therefore employee rights trump corporate owner rights."

Hm, now that's an interesting idea. Quite in reverse contrast to the way the model of "corporate owner rights trump serf/slave rights" is chanted.

Hm. The little tit might be onto something.


Note: I did edit this to fix the link about Rob Schneider, since the original link broke when the site owners changed it. I also added the link about Phil Robertson from "Duck Dynasty."  Actually, that is a really good read, because it breaks down the point I'm making in very eloquent language, and also lambasts politicians like Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin for being ignorant tits and conflating "freedom of speech" with private contract law. Actually, I don't think Gov. Jindal is ignorant - I think he's deliberately misrepresenting the First Amendment in order to score political points with a niche group of voters who have become very confused about what the First Amendment is by people exactly like Gov. Jindal who are deliberately trying to confuse them.  I do think Gov. Palin is an ignorant tit.

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