Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Today is Tuesday - always a good day to lose my mind

Today feels like a lovely day to lose my mind.

Maybe that's because it's Tuesday.

Long time readers of my old Facebook rants know that Tuesday and I have a long-standing relationship. For years, it was pure antagonism, but recently we've reconciled.  I suspect me hiring the hobgoblin mercenaries had a lot to with it. Or maybe it was the laisez-faire attitude I decided to adopt, because I was tired of the fight. It's much easier to be laisez-faire from inside the blanket fort, especially when you keep the 40-watt plasma rifle warm.

I'm not really insane. I just see the world differently. Sometimes, I turn my head one way, and I see the mess created by human selfishness and naivety and it hurts so much, I want to scream, cry, or both.

Other times, I turn my head the other way, and just laugh. Genuine laughter, at the amazing and complicated world we live in. The universe is stunning, especially if you study a lot of science, and really grasp what you are seeing.

Some people call me "silly." I'm fine with that, since generally I enjoy life more than most people.

So, I guess I don't think I'll lose my mind today. But, maybe I will take it out and play fetch with it. Let it run a little, and dig under the porch. Yeah, that's the ticket. Of course, I did get it micro-chipped so even if it gets lost, someone will bring it home.

Happy Tuesday!

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