Monday, September 15, 2014

Today is "1984" - congrats to us

It is "1984" as Orwell foresaw - and by that I mean "today is '1984'."

Greed has driven specific forces to buy the media. The media is the message, and the message is the media. These forces have sold the message that unrestrained capitalism is utopia, and the people at the bottom need to demand the removal of the stops and protections that prevent unrestrained capitalism from destroying those at the bottom.

Metaphorically, those at the top have convinced those at the bottom to slit their own wrists and pour their blood into the troughs from which those at the top feast and gorge.

Unrestrained capitalism is utopia - but only for the tiny number of ultra-greedy bastards who will kill anyone who stands in their way. Oh, rarely literally, but they think nothing of destroying the economic options of others, and care nothing if the disenfranchised starve or die from homeless exposure. Such "actuarial deaths" cannot be on the hands of the greedy and righteous, for they have "pulled no trigger." It is "market forces" that kill those "too weak to compete."
The problem with greed is that it can never be satiated. There is always something someone else has.  Those at the top will eventually destroy themselves, but not until long after they have destroyed the rest of us.
So has gone Rome, and samurai Japan, and every Egyptian and Chinese dynasty before. Look up "water empire." At what point does the entire Earth become the water empire? Ultimately it will collapse, and humanity will rise from the ashes to repeat the foolishness again.
Unfortunately, you and I probably won't live long enough to see the cleansing fire; we'll merely be the precursor - the fodder being ground into the combustible dust that lays the trap for the fire that comes long after we are broken and gone.

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