Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do those T-Mobile bastards pay dividends?

Anybody know if those bastards at T-Mobile ever pay stock dividends? I've had some stock for about six months with no payments. In contrast, I swear those Microsoft guys pay dividends every five minutes.

Did you know that sitting on the Board of Directors for T-Mobile nets you a $250,000 compensation package? And your entire duties consist of one meeting a year. Well, okay, there are up to ten 30-minute phone meetings per year, but if it goes over ten phone meetings per year, then you get paid for each and every one (I think it was $1000 each, but I may be low).

Yeah... Gosh, it pays to be rich, doesn't it? I mean, what a sweet gig: be in the 2% for doing slightly more than nothing at all. And all you have to do to get rich, is to already be rich enough to buy (or influence peddle) your way on to the T-Mobile Board of Directors.

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