Friday, September 5, 2014

Ass-backwards logic about "If only the criminals have guns, then the criminals will know they can use them more freely!"

Yet more asshat logic from the gun-happy: "apparently" people are mysteriously and magically being victimized at gunpoint at Target stores, because Target management doesn't want guns in the store.

Now, probably what the real case is that someone got held up at gunpoint, and some asshat decided to make political points by falsely claiming it's because "Target patrons don't carry guns."  In fact, this particular story I link to above, seems to be repeated across what I would consider "right-wing media," but doesn't seem to appear anywhere else. That suggests that it's either total bullshit, or that - as I said - someone is taking a series of normal instances and making them into total bullshit, in order to yank the chains of gun-owners.

So, um, yeah, "Target targeted because no one has guns," and men abuse their girlfriends only because the girlfriends haven't learned kung fu in order to fight back.  Bullshit, men slap their girlfriends around because the abusive men are assholes, and they'll go find themselves any woman who lets them slap her around, whether she knows kung fu or not.

Let's try this:  people rob people at gunpoint all the fucking time. The straw man of "Well, if the crazed gunman knows no one will have a gun, then the crazed gunman will go there."

Bullshit. Crazed gunmen are crazy, by definition, and if suddenly everyone is allowed to carry guns to the theater, you think crazed gunmen will stop shooting up movie theaters?  Don't be stupid.  What you'll get is - eventually - some instance of some asshole getting into an argument, a gun getting pulled, and suddenly 20 assholes are shooting the place up and a whole lot of people get hurt.  If you don't think this can happen, then 1) you're an idiot, and probably an idiot with a hard-on for your handgun, and 2) you're still an idiot.

So, gun owners, you still need to clean up your shop and get your heads out of your butts, and stop pretending that more guns will solve anything, and realize that smarter gun owners - not more gun owners as stupid as the rest - will make the world safer for everyone.

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  1. Personally, I've reached a point where my standard response to the murder-tool fanatics is "I don't give a fuck what you say, you're trying to justify the murder of children."

    1. LOL! Ooooh, that's cold :) It is, alas, also quite true in a way, isn't it? It does become - even unconsciously - an apologist way to divorce one's self-need for a device-meant-only-for-killing-humans from the consequences of doing so. A bit like "Well, of course I drive my car better and more safely than anyone else, so it's okay for *me* to ignore the speed limit and stop sign laws, and it's okay if *I* have a few drinks before driving home" - ignoring that little problem that a deadly pile of steel hurtle down the road is *always* a lethal projectile barely under control, and a child who dashes in front could be just as dead as the child who pulled daddy's loaded gun out from under the bed where "My child knows to leave it alone!"

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