Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rape Survivor Wants the World to Grow Up and Act Like Adults

Let's be honest: Running a University is all about the money. Mostly, it's about money for the top brass, and the football coaches, but it's all about money.

This is why rape is swept under the rug whenever possible. Everyone knows (well, used to know) that rape is wrong, and a bad thing. So college administrators try to hide it, because it's bad press.

Well, here's the deal: hiding it and ignoring it, and LETTING WOMEN GET RAPED is bad press, too.

Here is one very brave young rape survivor hellbent on pulling back the shades and trying to make the world pay attention and get people to act like grown-up adults, and accept the fact that some shit just needs to stop being allowed to happen.

(Okay, for the record, the title of this post is my editorial interpretation of her motivation, so don't get all cranky if you watch her interview and don't find my words in her mouth.)

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