Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kicked off FB and they can kiss my ass

Well, let's see how this goes. Those asswipes at Facebook have (again) declared "You are not using your real name!"

This begs the question: do they have algorithms that just decide "Oh, that name must be fake" in which case they're just assholes, or are they parsing names against public record databases, in which case they are assholes who do not respect privacy.

Well, since they are demanding - DEMANDING - photo ID, they can just kiss my tight ass.

I know, I know, I'm not paying money for the service, and it's a private enterprise, so I really have no moral high ground to bitch from, blah, blah.

It's just a load of horseshit to bump otherwise perfectly well-behaved users - whose behavior is being data-mined and sold off - from their system unnecessarily.


  1. One of your friends contacted me. I'm missing you too.

    1. Jack!!!! HUGS!!! You're so sweet! Hey, spread the word, for me, would you? I don't have access to my FB Friends list, and some people have names that are anyhthing but unique. :( How you been, hot suff? Beating sense into people? :)

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