Friday, February 17, 2017

Icarus Rants - Things to See and Do

I've tweaked the blog interface a smidge.  Some of you have probably noticed that I reference my old posts frequently. Hell, if I wrote something once, why write it again?  Plus, COMMENTS - comments are awesome - you get this history of good ideas and conversations, all linked to a central point (the blog post).  See?  This isn't just ranting, it's creating a knowledge base!  (Okay, fine, that was a stretch, even for my ego.)

Anyway, if you look at my blog page, there are lots of ways to find old posts.  I cover bloody well near any topic (other than Human Stupidity), even Batman/Iron Man/Pepper Potts, Beetle Costumes, and things I really don't want to know that people are doing in the privacy of their own homes.

So, if you look to the right (or see the handy graphic below, showing you where to look on the right), you can see there is a search field - so, say, search the word "nexus" and see what comes up.  (Or, maybe not, since I was looking for the Amaranthe video, but there's that whole NSFW post that comes up before that in the search results.).

(Irony - "Fuck Social Media" - haha)

And there's "Labels" - where I tag my posts and group them together into clumps that make sense to me.  Okay - fishing for feedback here - give me some ideas (comments!) as to what kind of labels you would find useful - or if you think any of the ones I already have are crap.  I'm crowdsourcing for suggestions to improve your user experience with my blog.  Thank you!

And the "Archive" - I'm a busy beaver.  Click the drop down arrows, skim the titles, pick something that looks interesting (or gloss over anything that doesn't).

"Blogs I Monitor" - this is new.  These are Google Blogger/Blogspot blogs, until I figure out how to add others.  It's a widget, and a feature.  Anyway, I check in on these people to see what they're up to, and you might also find them enjoyable.

Thank you for going on this tour of "Icarus Rants!"  Love you and have a great day!


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