Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mock the Meme: Special "Gated Community"

Mocking the meme: Must be why the conservatives are demanding so many prisons be built, and putting all those "freeloading" poor and non-white people into them. Ironic all prisons are paid for with taxpayer money. 

Just be so much smarter and cheaper to quit whining and fund free education, free healthcare, cut the crime rate, and let all those people now being locked up earn wages and pay taxes. But, you know, those "conservatives" (quotes used very deliberately) aren't known for thinking strategically, are all so whiny and insecure they need to keep telling themselves they're right and better than "libtards," so they can feel good about themselves.

Let's be real, too. The subtext - the meaning behind the meaning - is that "conservatives" are Special, and their little world would just be paradise if only those meany "libtards" were all locked up and would stop picking on them. Because, you know, it's the "libtards" that become gun-toting terrorists like Robert Dear, and rape unconscious women like Brock Turner did, and everyone knows those ISIS lunatics are "libtard" Muslims, and those hard-line Israel militants are all "libtards," too. 

No, no. Every asshole in that example is definitely a "conservative" by reasonable definition of the word, and usually their own self-described appellation. They all know their way is the only right way, and definitely "God's Way."

So, hey, "conservatives," laugh all you want at how special your little world would be if the people who brought you freedom of religion, unions, weekends, health insurance, and freedom of speech, were all locked up where they couldn't tell people to stop fucking you over.

Fucking stupid meme that I'd be embarrassed to laugh at.

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