Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stupid Memes: Revisiting 9/11 fools again

What temp does the floor material in-between melt at? The aluminum ductwork has a lower point. What temp does melting plastic rise to? Plaster board? Computer equipment? Aluminum file cabinets? How much do all those things weaken when thousands of gallons of water from ruptured plumbing floods throughout? Or possible explodes the pipes due to sudden vaporization? But, you know, thinking is hard, 9/11 make everyone angry as Hell, and believing in conspiracy theories makes people special.

To hand wave and dismiss 9/11 as a conspiracy theory is to diminish the deaths of thousands of people and the genuinely heroic actions of hundreds of rescue and emergency responders who rushed into the fires a and saved as many people as they could, before dying themselves.

Conspiracy theory throws simple answers at hard problems and makes everything worse.

Grow up and deal with reality. Reality sucks rocks hard enough without making it worse by diminishing it into some childish feel-good fantasy-rama.


  1. If you actually buy the shit you are saying, you are profoundly stupid. Use your fucking brain you retard. You probably to the clot shot too. Good riddance.