Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bowling Green, Ohio

I have been to Bowling Green, Ohio, many times. Lovely place.  Never been a terrorist attack there.  Very offensive to such a nice place, and such nice people, for a lying sack of crap to drag them into some fantasy farce that's nothing more than a narcissist's naked power grab.

(image from Tropic Thunder)

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's number one lying surrogate. She doesn't even try to hide her lying. I suspect she is also a narcissist, but is definitely a sociopath.

Trevor Noah. As is the case this past 30 years, it's the comedians who bring the truth to light, because such has always been the true role of the court jester, and since everyone else is lying so badly - either nakedly or by omission - someone has to bring the truth to light.

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