Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The GOP aren't in control of the GOP

The GOP are rotten to the core - but the problem is that the lunatics are now running the asylum.

Even as the GOP implodes and collapses from its own rot and corruption, both the lunatics and the neo-feudalist oligarchs feeding the lunatics will remain.

Until we can get enough people to wake up and recognize the root problem, it will never be fixed - we must break the power of the oligarchs and drive the lunatic cockroaches back under the floorboards.

The oligarchs - using their media outlets of Fox, Breitbart, and worse (yes, worse) - have normalized racism, ammosexualism, misogyny and religious bigotry.  We have to remind people that devaluing human life is a mental illness and that it is NOT normal.

That is the harder challenge.  The Neo-Feudalists have always considered the GOP disposable - that's why Trump was able to play random x-factor circus ringleader and sweep in and steal the mob right out from under them.  Trump is playing his own game, and the GOP are doing what everyone does with Trump - they try to ride the tiger and hope it turns out for them.  Damn fools refuse to learn from Trump's scorched earth legacy - he destroys everything he touches, and the GOP are going to fall right along with America (and the GOP fools will stand around shocked and confused when their billionaire oligarch masters do nothing to save them).

So, yes, the death of the GOP is immanent, but still too far away - and ultimately the death of the GOP isn't enough, because the GOP isn't the root problem.

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