Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You pee in your stall, I'll pee in mine, life goes on just fine

Same shit, different day. Don't bug me in the bathroom, I won't bug you. This isn't rocket science; it's common fucking sense.

I don't need to know if the person is transgender. I don't give a crap. Hell, I've used the Men's bathroom more than once in my life - Hellllooooo, I've been to a rock concert and the fairgrounds more than once in my life. Should men now be allowed to beat the crap out of me for going into the Men's bathroom?

The whole "don't let men into the women's bathroom" is just such a load of shit. You don't need fucking discrimination, you don't need to whip idiots into a frenzy, you don't need to tell idiots they have an excuse to hurt people - any pervert who was going to sneak into the Ladies' Loo before the "Trannie Gonna Getcha!" sham terror campaign is still going to sneak into the Ladies' Loo. 

Don't be a fucking idiot and tell yourself transgender people didn't exist before 2015. Don't be a fucking asshole and tell yourself it's suddenly okay to harass, harangue and threaten people because you're a big chicken.

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