Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rant of rants

It's a rant -

Are you asking me to accept that assholes come in all political flavors, or that there is parity in the volume of assholeness between "conservatives" and "liberals"?

And when we say "assholeness" are we discussing physical violence, willful disregard for human life in policy, or other?

If you want to me say "sure, assholes and sociopaths and psychopaths sometimes join the Democrat party and are otherwise liberal progressive types," then yep, I just said that.

If you want me to say there is parity between asinine shit and willful disregard for human life between "conservatives" and "liberals," including the willingness to commit acts of vandalism or violence, then piss off, because there isn't parity.

"Conservatives" are the ones collecting guns and chanting "kill them all, let god sort them out." 

"Conservatives" are the ones with the racist memes, and trying to kill health insurance for Americans, and Republican governors are blocking Medicare and Medicaid assistance to the hungry and struggling people of their states - in order to crush those people more.

"Conservatives" are the ones who deny marriage rights, and family planning, and magically discover in 2015 that transgender people exist and need to pee in the toilet like everyone else, and "suddenly" need to have laws that invite violence against these people who have been there forever and no one cared until 2015.

"Conservatives" are the ones who require women to carry a fetus until her body expels it - either because it's time to deliver a live baby, or the fetus died in the womb and is rotting.

"Conservatives" are the ones who love the fetus, and place burdens upon pregnant woman to care for the fetus, whether she can afford to or not, and then "conservatives" refuse to pay for food and shelter for the child they demanded be brought into the world.






And the post from which this spawned

So piss off.

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