Friday, September 19, 2014

Marriage defined in the real world

"Defenders" of "traditional marriage values" like to cite religious scripture to say that marriage is a "union of one man, and one woman."

Funny thing is, in the real world, marriage is just contract law. No, really, end of discussion.

How do I know?

Well, in the real world one man and one woman can form a union, and raise children, and do everything together without ever filing legal contract law paperwork.

In the real world, one man - or one woman -can sign marriage contracts with multiple partners, as long as they only do it sequentially and not concurrently, since the contracts are exclusionary.

In the real world, said contract law provides binding legal rights and privileges to the partners, which are independent of any union the two might have. The contracted couple could even live wholly separate lives and never contact each other, and still have binding legal privilege over each other.

in the real world, people look at said same holy scripture and ask "How many wives did that Solomon guy have, exactly?"