Tuesday, August 14, 2018

If buying a gun was like getting an abortion

The artificial termination of pregnancy is such a messy subject.  But, the truth is that a huge part of that mess is the sheer, unbridled hypocrisy surrounding it.

This meme does two jobs, really well. It points out how little Americans actually give a shit about life - I mean, 30 000 firearm deaths per year, yet the solution is "more guns"?  Yeah, no.

And let's not let women end unwanted pregnancies, but fuck your socialist state if you expect me to help pay to have a healthy baby born, or to raise a healthy child who doesn't turn to crime to survive?  Yeah, classic.

I mean, nothing like using a gun to murder people who provide medical support to poor women who want to stay healthy and keep their babies, right?  What could possibly be more "2018 American" than that?

"Pro-Lifers" are so full of shit, the stink reeks to Heaven and God and Jesus are offended.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Oh My God. If ever there was a mean-nothing term custom built for the pablum loving, echo chamber dwelling, Trump worshippers, there it is.

I tell you what, luv. When you find a good therapist for your Clinton Derangement Syndrome, and Obama Derangement Syndrome, and you've gotten over your pathological need to blame them for all the ills of the modern world (that woild be the modern world dominated by gerrymandering, vote suppressing, Republicans in Congress and State governments for 20+ years), you let me know the name of your therapist, and I'll consider seeing her for a diagnosis that I might have "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

But, you first, luv, because you've got a 20 year lead on me at being mentally ill.

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Right have dragged the Left down (almost)

Gum flapper on the radio:
"This week has been full of the hatred on the left for anyone not just like them."

Yes, asshole, because after 30 years of slime like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reillly and Alex Jones telling lies and unjustly and inaccurately (sometimes inarticulately) villainizing and mischaracterizing the Left, those bleeding heart nice peoole have finally crawled down into the cess hole with you because it was the only way to reaxh tou inside your echo chamber.

Congratulations, you've dragged everyone down to your pathetic loathsome, dear God your grandparents would be embarassed to see you, boorish, moronic level.

So take your misguided self-congratulatory arrogance and shove it up your ass next to your head.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Don't make excuses for assholes

Time to call assholes for what they are, and stop making excuses for them. To anyone who defends the assholes I say "So, really, you think the asshole is 'your guy,' so you're really defending yourself, because you identify yourself with him, so now you've labeled yourself as an asshole, I will ask: Are you really an asshole? If not, why do you defend one?"

Elisa Mac says "Don't be stupid"

If you've read five or more of anything I've written, you've probably caught on that "stupidity and dullness" are pretty much the reason I blog.    Elisa Mac just sums it up so nicely. Plus, she has cool costumes, and totally rocks the purple hair.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sinclair Broadcasting: Fuck Them Back

Ultra-Fuck America Corportist Propaganda media company Sinclair Broadcasting Group is public stock.

That means, for about 40 bucks, you can buy a share, and get the annual stockholder report, get other special insider reports, and have a say in who sits on the Board of Controlling Assholes.

Okay, for one share, you don't get so say shit about who sits on the Board, but here's the trick: You do get a ticket into the annual shareholders meeting.

Once you're inside, you don't have to advertise how many shares you own. You just act like a grown-up. You act like you own the place. You express your dissatisfaction with the current Board. You sow all kinds of dissent and fuckery. You meet up with other socially conscious shareholders. You learn what the Board of Assholes is up to and leak it to the world to undermine their underhanded fuckery.

For about $40 and a couple days a year, you can fuck with the biggest American fucking assholes in the world.

I just bought myself a pile of shares, because I'm tired of this shit, and I'm fighting back.

This from NBC News

The source video from Deadspin. It really is creepy.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Fiction Friday - another interpretation of Lolth

ewwww, that's gotta hurt.

Oh, unless the humanoid part is merely a lure for prey; then this is seriously eeeeevil! :-)

Lolth is a fictional  god from DnD, and the queen of the Drow Elves. She's also a serious sociopath, psychopath, and pretty much the definition of cruelty and Evil.  She is too calculating to be considered randomly chaotic, but she is definitely a psycho-hosebeast of the highest caliber.

According to the fine print, the artist is Igor Crechanyi,
and he does some  really gorgeous work!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

If you want to be an asshole, at least own up to it

Unlike, for example, religious bigots or racists dog, I don't need an excuse to be an asshole.

I'm a big girl. If I want to be an asshole, I just will, and I will own it.

I won't try to congratulate and excuse my bad behavior by telling myself I'm magically full of specialness - or even, say, Ambien - that means I'm somehow not an asshole - and thus immune to consequences - for acting like one.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GOP hate conservatives and they hate you

I've been warning for years that the GOP are morally bankrupt and out to "Fuck America, First!"

If you're a real conservative, and not merely some "addled-brained idiot drinking the GOP/Fox/Oligarch Kool-Aid and congratulating yourself for at least not being a libtard," then you accept this truth now.

"But, but, Clinton!..." Fuck you. Clinton ain't President. Clinton is irrelevant. 

"But, but the Democrats!..." Fuck you. The GOP control the White House, the House and the Senate. The GOP - _because they blocked Obama's SCOTUS appointment_ - control the SCOTUS. 

For the slow learners in the room, that means the GOP control the entire fucking federal government. Fuck you, and your fucking hypocritical "GOP Family Values." Jesus thinks GOP supporters are a bunch of assholes, too.

The GOP abandoned YOU decades ago. Wake up and fight them tooth and nail, because they're exploiting you today, and going to exploit you even harder tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Vaca Means Not Getting Shot?

America - y'all got your priorities fucked up, real bad, doncha? Yeppers, you do. Clean up your shit and stop murdering your kids.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Real world resume

Resumes are just character sheets for DND IRL edition. 

- Malcolm Cosby (on G+ and Blogger)

Be happy first, rich second

Too many people confuse money with happiness, and when they run into money problems, they become unhappy, and blame everyone around them.

Money can't buy happiness; it can merely buy opportunities to be happy in different ways.

This isn't intended to be a  "brilliant psychobabble" post. I mean, it's a frickin' meme, but it is meant to maybe get you to think about the meme a bit differently, and maybe with that slightly altered perspective, the meme - and the message - will take on new value.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Healthcare - important things to know

Medicare is a federal program that provides health coverage if you are 65 and older or have a severe disability, no matter your income.

Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides health coverage if you have a very low income.

Unless you have a Republican Governor, then "Fuck you."

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Empathy: because it could be me

A man on the street asked for a dollar.

"I got to get home," I thought, and rushed past him.

"I have a home to go to," I thought.

I went back and gave him what little cash I had.

Empathy transcends dogma, theology, ideology. Having empathy means being human.

Image Source: 

How important is a fast reply to text messages?

My retort to this blog posting. And I'll be frank, this came out of a fight I just had with a friend who got pissy that someone hadn't responded to every single text for 12 hours.  Okay, it was just a handful, but 12 hours later, the reply came back, failed to address every single text, and it had been twelve  hours, because "No one waits 12 hours to reply to text!"  Um, yeah, for example, *I* do. Except with friends that I know have serious damage - and get pissy - about not getting fast replies. 

So, the linked post, ...

On the one hand, amusing. On the other hand, I'm not going to be a slave to the gadget in my pocket. I'm not going to sacrifice my life for async experiences, where huge chunks of time are wasted waiting for a response. If it's important, CALL ME. At least, then I have a full bandwidth conversation, in real-time, instead of splitting my focus with having to type at 1/8 the speed I can talk constantly interrupting whatever is going on around me, for example playdate with my niece or nephew at the park.

That means, if it takes me days, or never, to reply to your text message, that I'm not a fan of text messages, and it has nothing to do with how much I care about you. Text messages are convenient for async leave-me-a-message-and-I-will-reply.

Text messages are not "real-time," in any sense of the phrase. Text messages are time wasters on a scale that Faceborg can't hope to compete.

So, "what it actually means"? Not a damn thing, unless you want to measure servitude to a gadget, or servitude to people who can't be bothered to call you, or drive to meet you somewhere.

How Long A Person Takes To Text You Back And What It Actually Means

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Generation Columbine: May the Pyre Long Burn

It's rare that such backlash against one agency happens so "suddenly." I suspect the true case is one of a long, slow burn.

Generation Columbine knows full well how the NRA have thrown them under the bus, with lies and promises of magical security, if only there were more guns. More guns has only ever produced more deaths.

Generation Columbine recognizes the madness of a POTUS who benefited from the NRA spending $30 million to help get him elected spending his entire first year of his administration de-funding and undermining schools and education, suddenly finding money to put more guns in schools.

Maybe it was the part about school shooting survivors counseling the #Parkland kids in real time via Twitter.

Maybe it was the eloquent Emma Gonzalez (@emma4change #emma4change) whose words were the final kerosene in the slow burning fire in the bellies of Generation Columbine - a generation who has never known a word where they didn't need to fear being murdered in school.

The pyre has been lit. May the fire long burn.

Originally published here. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fox helped create the monster they can't control

That's it!  They created the fucking monster, and then lost control of the damn thing.

Trump isn't the "creation," - he just knew how to redirect the monster like the circus ring-leader and showman charlatan he is.

I've talked about Fox News before.  Hell, I'm opposed to stupidity, and even more opposed to people playing and preying on stupidity, so of course I've talked about Fox before.

I've talked about Trump, the Charlatan stealing the mindless mob before, such as the part where the GOP lost control of the GOP to Trump.

(See also this G+ thread.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Smell the Nazi Fart

See https://plus.google.com/+CaraEvangelista/posts/MhCL53sq29s

That's the root problem, isn't it? I bet the consistent complainer is reading the reddit forums where white assholes discuss "calling police as a way to harass people of color and get away with it." All with the goal of chasing peoppe of color off that campus, leaving it for the snowflakes.

I'm sure part of the new Nazi agenda is using "harassment by cop" as a way to further deepen the distrust and conflict between people of color and cops.  Because, you know, cops kinda hate Nazis, too, so it's playing their enemies against each other.

The new Nazis are not all stupid, and most of them can read.  The same old problem is that the same old sociopaths are using the stupid ones as weapons.

So, yeah, the University needs to have an investigation into "chronic complaints" to protect their reputation, to protect their students, and to protect the University police, too. They need to make it clear "harassment my cop" itself is a crime.

Conquest Today

Today seems like a good day to conquer the world.

You in?

(model unknown)

Friday, May 4, 2018

Fiction Friday - Electric Sonika

Background and Origin:  Her place of birth was a rural village or hamlet, a tiny collection of huts and farms. She was kidnapped at an early age and raised a virtual slave, brainwashed to obedience to the cult leader, with the intention of taking over the world.

The cult leader had a way to detect latent mutsnt children.  He kidnapped her and hoped to use her as breeding stock, since her powers were very weak. The hormonal changes of pregnancy cranked her powers way up, but also altered her brain chemisty. She lost the baby, and the combined trauma shattered the conditioning and she successfully escaped the cult.

She has a  younger brother that she has lost touch with.

She has experienced the following important events:
  • She made a friend, a teacher, religious advisor or mentor. They are not particularly important in the grand scheme of things, but had devastating impact on her life;
  • She performed a vital task for a religious figure and they are in your debt. The third in command of the cult that raised her;
  • Dhe became indebted to a group and must repay them in some way, financial or otherwise;
  • She suffered a major financial loss, losing almost everything;
  • Oops, pregnancy! She left your partner behind.  The 

Combat Tactics: She has an aggressive offense, reveling in the adrenaline rush of her own powers. She usually doesn't run for cover until she's been hit once or twice, then survival instincts might override adrenaline.

She loves to screw with her enemies’ heads, so grabs control of any electrical Gear as soon as she identifies it. The fact her control power isn't obvious adds to the confusion.

Personality Traits: She is impulsive and temperamental, so rarely stays employed long, despite her power. She spends money as fast as she gets it.

Appearance: 5’7”, 135 lbs, completely hairless.

Powers: She can generate and manipulate electricity.

Notes: Model Nadya Sonika. Character by I. A. Riley, January, 2018

This should be pretty obvious. The artwork inspired the character, then I maxed out Lightning Control, using the leftover CP to even more max out Lightning Control.

Electric Sonika - Mighty Protectors

Strength 14 (Carrying Capacity 192 lbs., Basic HTH d6)
Endurance 18 (Save 11, Heal 2.8)
Agility 12 (Save 11)
Intelligence 10 (Save 10)
Cool 16 (Save 11, Initiative d6+1)

Hit Points 15
Power 74
Physical Defense 1
Mental Defense 0
Move 15
Inventing Points 5
Wealth d4
Luck 10-
Weight x lbs.
Total Cost 70 + 100 - 20 = Total

Heightened Attack: Damage +1 all attacks (2.5 CP)
Heightened Expertise: Attack +2 all attacks (7.5 CP)
Lightning Control:
* Electrical Bolt: Damage 3d8, Range 36”, PR=4 (22.5), Modifiers: Armor Piercing 5 (+7.5) (30 CP);
* Electrical Field: Damage d6+d8, PR=1 per use (30 CP);
* Gear Control: Target Save @ -9, Range 36”, PR=4 (20), Modifiers: Silent Gear Control (+5), Unobvious (+5) (30 CP)

Booster Pack - Energy: Power +20 (10), Modifiers: Gear (-5) (5 iCP)

Compulsion: The rush of adrenaline causes her to feel a powerful and irrational need to blow something up any time she expends more than 20 Power in less than a minute (Uncommon, Cool Save to resist) (-10 CP)
Nemesis: She is hunted by law enforcement, members of her old cult, amd various enemies of that same cult, who don't care that she has left (-10 CP)

Combat Summary
Initiative: d6+1
Unarmed: Attack 16-, Damage d6+2 (avg 5.5)
Electrical Bolt: Attack 16-, Damage 3d8+1 (avg 14.5)
Gear Control: Attack 15-, Effect Save @ -10


Document Copyright (C) 2018 by I. A. Riley. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.

Mighty Protectors and the Monkey House Games logo are trademarks owned by Monkey House Games, ©2017 Monkey House Games. All rights reserved. Made in the U.S.A.

Sourcebooks Marvel Superheroes Advanced Set (TSR, 1986), Realms of Magic (Kim Eastland, TSR, 1986), The Ultimate Powers Book (David E. Martin, TSR, 1987), 4C System (Michael Hammes, Philip Reed, 2007).

Random backstory generator - http://www.pbegames.com/lifepath/ .

Random name generator - http://www.behindthename.com/random/ .

Random job generator - http://writingexercises.co.uk/random-job-generator.php .

Random personality trait generator - http://writingexercises.co.uk/random-character-traits-generator.php .

Random height/weight generator - http://tower.newcenturycomputers.net/hwcalc.html .
(see also http://www.healthchecksystems.com/heightweightchart.htm )

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Male. Nerd. Snowflakes. - Please Grow Up

Ah, male nerd snowflakes.  

"Oh, no! A male comic book villain is now played by a woman in the movie!  Fucking Feminazis ruin all my childhood nerdboy memories!"

Really?  Seriously, snowflake, if you're that sensitive, the problem is not with the people who made the film, manchild: the problem is you.


And then, when you read the comments on the OP, it becomes even more clear, that it's a nerdboy problem, because Ghost was an Iron Man villain, so

"Oooooh, horror!  They ported an Iron Man villain into an Ant Man movie and ruined the movie before I've even seen it!"

Oh, for fuck's sake.  Grow up.

On a final note:

I am so fucking seeing this movie in theaters :-)

My ego just 'splodey head

Okay, hang on, hang on.

I - ME - just got used as a selling point for a G+ Community.

Now, in fairness, Micha Crispinder does run a cool G+ Community, so if you have half a brain, and your head is outside your ass, give it a looksie.

Oh, I think I need a lie down before my ego goes me all 'splodey head :-)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Fiction Friday - genderqueer dinosaurs

The Mighty Protectors RPG has tables that allow for random genderness determination. 

They also have some cool alien races, and you can play mutated dinosaurs, because it's a Superhero RPG, so you can be, you know, whatever.

I was a pansexual transgender genderqueer teenage pteranodon.  

“Mom, Dad? I'm going to live with the humans. At least then whatever bathroom I use, they'll just scream ‘Help! It's a dinosaur!’.”

(page 9)

On a serious note, it is actually pretty cool to see some game authors taking a level-headed approach to this, and just being like "Well, it's reality, so let's put it in there, and acknowledge that non-cisgender people exist, and the players will sort it out, or skip it, or whatever."

It does make me really, really, appreciate how boring my genetics are.

Having said all that, I just can't ever see an episode of "Dinosaur Train" again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Fallacy of Relevancy of Wealth

People like Gov Scott Walker or Rep Paul Ryan delude themselves into believing they were relevant to their billionaire masters .

What most of the one percent fail to realize is that they are meat shields for the 0.1%.

The difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is three orders of magnitude both literally and figuratively. The literally part is self evident, but the figuratively part is so hard for most people to grasp that they don't.

At billionaire status, money becomes irrelevant to action. Want a car? Done. Want a house? Done. Want an island? Okay, maybe you need to finance that one - but you can. Fantasy and reality blur. Money is an abstraction; money is a way of keeping score. It's just numbers. To really keep score you need a new yardstick. How many cars? Are they this months' fashion? Do you own a house in the right location (nevermind that you have no idea what it looks like even though the broker whose name you don't remember sent you pictures, as long as the property management people turn a profit renting it out, and you can say you own a house in the right neighborhood).

The one percent can't do these things. So many of the one percent struggle with the same stupid shit the rest of us do, they just find a way to make it all a lot more expensive for themselves and thus live the same paradigm, it just costs more. (Okay, yes, orders of magnitude between vacationing at the state park campground and the chalet on France, but it remains an issue of budget constraint rather than absurdist fantasy.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What do I have against racists?

It all boils down to the amount of willful ignorance and stupidity required for racists to congratulate themselves on being picked on, and to blame other people for their plight, instead of spending that energy productively on taking personal responsibility and pulling their shit together to make their lives, and those of their community, better.

Racists would just be laughable and pathetic if they weren't so dangerous.

Racism is hate, and hate is such a fucking waste of useful energy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Irony of the Second Amendment

Isn't it ironic that the Second Amendment of the US Constitution was written by a group of elite, college educated, wealthy liberals?

After consulting several scholars and other sources, we found that -- with some exceptions -- central figures in the nation’s founding generally came from privileged backgrounds, attended college at a time when very few people did and, by 1776, were prominent and wealthy.

They were, apparently, also mostly fucking geniuses, which puts them several levels of brainpower above the average gun owner, and way above the average ammosexual.

(Yes, I did just distinguish average gun owners from ammosexuals. There is a huge difference, and average gun owners reading this can now take a deep breath and quit being offended snowflakes because I used the word "ammosexuals" at all.)

Gun ownership by education level.  Interestingly, it's pretty spread out. I'd really be curious to see the demographic breakdown of "number of guns by education level" - the stereotype is the less educated hoarde guns out of fear of "da evil people," but what is reality?

Reality?  Reality is that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was written by people smarter, better educated, and wealthier (at the time of the writing) than any damn fool worshiping the Second Amendment today.

Did you ever Google "meme about 2a"?
Yeah, don't.

Dear God, the Stupid is exceeded only by the self-congratulatory arrogance.

But, hey, you know, Guns Make People Special, right?

Yeah, that's what I thought.  "More equal than the feminist movement."  Yeah. Special Snowflake Gun Owners don't understand what feminism means, because ammosexuals are really just chickenshits, who don't really respect women, but they like to congratulate themselves for being Special and Precious.

Trump Twittering 2 - America's Shame

I've talked about President Trump (barf in my mouth) using Twitter before.  Hell, everyone talks about what an embarrassment Trump using Twitter is. 

But, let's stick to the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States for a moment.  Just, let that horror rebound in your brain for a minute.

And President Trump's favored platform for expressing himself is Twitter.

Fucking Twitter.

The President of the United States of America wrote that message.

I want to die of shame and embarrassment to be an American right now.  A CHILD would have written better than that!

That tweet is the work of an 8 year-old throwing a tantrum, because little Susie says he pulled her hair, and he doesn't want the teacher to make him apologize.

Any human being not embarrassed that Trump is President of the United States is a fucking idiot.

Yes, real patriots are appalled that this emotional snowflake man-baby is President

I'm going to go throw up now.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

"The end of Humanity was announced on Twitter."

That would be such a fitting epithet of the waste of human potential since 1980.  I mean, seriously, what a fucking mess we've made of the entire world, after all the hard work the generations before 
spent trying to make things better for later generations.

“The worst apprehensions have come true,” Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., wrote in a tweet. “Our warnings have been left unheard."

Oh, bullshit.  You people bloody well knew your posturing would be ignored. You practically engineered it to be ignored.  Don't be such drama queens and try to claim the moral high ground.

A fucking TWEET!?  Jesus, let's just all act like children now, and break-up with each other in text messages, because "Hey, fuck you, too!"

“A pre-designed scenario is being implemented,” Antonov said. “Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences. All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris."

1) if the scenario is pre-designed, then it was also pre-selected, and you asswipes were just itching for an excuse to use it, so don't try claiming "Oh, gosh, we're surprised, and we're totally reacting";

2) don't be immature whiny babies and try to pretend you're not responsible for your own actions. You bloody well know you could act like grown-ups, and take the high ground, and own your actions and stick with "We're responding." But, nooooo, act like children and say "Not my fault I acted like a jerk! Not my fault I killed people! Not my fault!"

Bullshit. The leadership of the US, France and UK acted like assholes, Mr Antonov, tell your leaders to at least have the decency to act like a grown-ups and own up to being assholes right back.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Fiction Friday - I want to be a blue-haired mutant

I want blue hair. I mean, as like a natural mutation. Plus, I want superpowers. Flight would be totally awesome, especially if I could achieve orbit, and float around in space without a spacesuit. I'd totally buzz the space station. That would be so fucking awesome.

Space flight and blue hair. That's what I want for Christmas.

(Originally posted on G+)


And me, being me, where spontaneous off-the-cuff ideas, that start life as simple fun-and-cheeky G+ posts, take on a life of their own...

Alcippe Filipina Kopecky

Background and Origin: When other little girls played with dolls and dreamed of being married someday, “Aly” dreamed of going into space. Her toys were rocket ships and flying drones. Her wall posters were astronauts and space shuttle schematics.

She studied science, and got her PhD at age 26. She was accepted to the national space agency, and in line to fly into space as a science specialist. Someone dug up one of her high school blog posts, where she expressed Views. The controversy wasn’t going to get her kicked out of the program, but she was going to miss this mission flight. This mission had her experiments on board.

Despondent, angry and very drunk, she locked herself in the lab. No one knows what happened in there, because she doesn't remember, and someone destroyed the security camera recordings. The next morning, a half million dollars of experiments were ruined, and the world had a new nova.

A year later, she still works for the space agency. Technically, her new contract is five years of indentured servitude. She doesn't care. She'll do any repair, or any experiment, or even just clean the toilets - just as long as they keep letting her live in the space station.

Combat Tactics: She is not a fighter; she flies away from violent people. In a pinch, she is not averse to hitting someone with a wrench or puncturing a spacesuit with a screwdriver.

Personality Traits: She loves space and astronomy and will talk for hours about it. She has a good heart, but can be immature and sometimes chooses her words poorly.
She can be a bit OCD about completing tasks she feels responsibility for, and has gotten in trouble more than once for not letting go of something reassigned to someone else.

She loves nothing more than being in space, and can get bit weird whenever there is any discussion of her returning to Earth for any reason (she can't reach orbit under her own power, and worries no one would fly her back into space).

Appearance: 5’8”, blue hair, pale skin, lots of tattoos.

Powers: She can survive indefinitely in outer space, and fly. She is a science genius and a talented aerospace engineer.

Notes: Model Riae. Character by I. A. Riley, March, 2018.

Document Copyright (C) 2018 by Icarus Anne Riley. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright others; no attempt is made to infringe upon their rights.

Alcippe Filipina Kopecky - Aberrant

Strength  [2] (Might ••• [5])
Dexterity •• [3] (Athletics ••• [5], Pilot • [3], Stealth • [3])
Stamina ••/• [2] (+1) (Endurance ••• [7], Resistance ••• [7])
Perception •••••/••• [5] (+3) (Awareness ••• [8], Investigation • [6], Navigation ••• [8])
Intelligence •••••/• [5] (+1)  (Academics ••• [8], Computer •• [7], Engineering •• [7], Linguistics •• [7], Science •••• [9])
Wits •••• [4] (Arts • [5])
Appearance •••• [4] (Style • [5])
Manipulation ••• [3] (Diplomacy • [4], Subterfuge • [4])
Charisma ••• [3] (Command •• [5], Instruction • [4])

Quantum ••
Quantum Pool 24
Willpower ••••• ••
Taint ••
Combined Soak - Bashing 3, Lethal 2
Health levels - Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded (cannot sprint), Maimed (movement halved), Crippled (can only move one meter per turn), Incapacitated, Dead

Backing •••
Contacts •••
Influence •••
Mentor ••
Resources •••

Flight •
Hyper-Flight •
Mega-Stamina • (Adaptability)
Mega-Intelligence • (Eidetic Memory, Science Prodigy)
Mega-Perception ••• (Electromagnetic Vision, Quantum Attunement)


Sourcebooks Aberrant RPG (White Wolf Publishing, 1999), Aberrant Player's Guide (White Wolf Publishing, 2000).
Random backstory generator - http://www.pbegames.com/lifepath/ .
Random name generator - http://www.behindthename.com/random/ .
Random job generator - http://writingexercises.co.uk/random-job-generator.php .
Random personality trait generator - http://writingexercises.co.uk/random-character-traits-generator.php .
Random height/weight generator - http://tower.newcenturycomputers.net/hwcalc.html .

Values in red indicate the number of Mega dice to roll. These are separated out, because a single Mega for that comes up 7, 8, or 9 counts as two successes, and a roll of 10 (“0”) counts as three successes. So the dice need to be rolled separately, therefore they are noted separately.
She is built on 30 nova points.
+6 Attributes
+12 Abilities
+5 Backgrounds

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

You only have right now

Good advice. The past cannot be changed, the future may never come. Make the most of Now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Keep perspective - gun deaths are preventable, and need to be prevented

  • This is stripped from a Jane Smith G+ thread.  I did this, because I have seen these arguments before, and refuting them is worth highlighting and making easy to find again.  The first thread has the basic persuasive argument goal of convincing you, the reader that "Gun deaths aren't that bad, so let's not waste time doing anything."  Seriously.  Read it and ask yourself at the end if you feel like spending time on gun violence isn't a waste of time.
  • So, below that, I rip the entire thing to Hell.  Again, because the point is that "Yes, people die in car accidents - which are already heavily regulated."  
  • If we can apply some very simple and basic regulation, and reduce the number of firearm deaths by any amount, then we have done a good thing.  According to CDC statistics - tracking firearm deaths, among other things - more than 38,000 people - or about 96 per day were killed, in the United States, by firearms.
  • If 96 people per day isn't worth doing something about, then we have no claim on morality, period.
  • By the way, the last year the Center for Disease Control was allowed to study and recommend ways to prevent firearm deaths (before Republicans shut down that research) was 1997.  Yeah, a major Federal Agency charged with keeping Americans safe from preventable things that kill them, was 1997.
  • Where's the outrage at the terrorism our government supports through the sale of arms to folks all around the world? Wouldn't it make sense to reduce the huge numbers of deaths of innocent people by constraining these industries of death? In 2015 there were 333 teenagers killed in mass shootings in this country. That is a big deal but global United State sponsored and supported terrorism has killed untold numbers more. If the objective is to save lives let's invest our time and efforts were it will do the most good anything else is a dereliction of our responsibilities as citizens of the largest state sponsor of terror on the planet.

    All major causes of needless deaths deserve to be addressed.

    The campaign to minimize loss of life should be proportionate to the deaths each cause is responsible for.

    The nation's citizens should demand that those in positions to institute change prioritize each campaign such that the most deadly are addressed first. This will help save the most number of lives.

    For the age group 15-19 years, the death rate from opioids (2015) was 4.6/100,000 or 15,180 (https://goo.gl/9SEMTP)

    For teens killed or injured by gun violence (2015), 2696
    Deaths by mass shooting (2015), 333 (https://goo.gl/epjdYy)

    -Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States.
    -Excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year.
    -Although drinking by persons under the age of 21 is illegal, people aged 12 to 20 years drink 11% of all alcohol consumed in the United States. More than 90% of this alcohol is consumed in the form of binge drinks.
    -On average, underage drinkers consume more drinks per drinking occasion than adult drinkers.
    -In 2010, there were approximately 189,000 emergency rooms visits by persons under age 21 for injuries and other conditions linked to alcohol. (https://goo.gl/kUkNMb)

    In 2015, 2,333 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 235,845 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That means that six teens ages 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. (https://goo.gl/uZ4pPa)

    No one can reasonably deny that gun violence is a problem, especially teenage deaths from guns which in 2015 accounted for 2,696 (10.8%) and _mass shootings which accounted for 333 (1.3%). However, to focus on Mass Shootings with as much attention as is being given to it since the Parkland event, to the chagrin of the other 89.1% who died needless and preventable deaths should lead any reasonable person to a rational conclusion, we are not being "informed" to act wisely and responsibly toward the issue of preventable teen deaths in this country. We are making a bigger issue out of the least of the concerns. Why? Isn't this about saving lives? Or is there some other more important concern?
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    Conditional "yeesssssss...." except there are a shitload of vehicle safety laws on the books, from engineering requirements of the vehicle frame, seatbelts and airbag systems, to engineering requirements for road material and grade of curves to reduce accidents, and roadside railings, and laws requiring use of seat belts (which save lives), and laws against texting and driving (which kills people), and laws against drunk driving (which can kill people), and laws restricting purchase and consumption of alcohol, and laws and restrictions concerning the consumption of illegal drugs.

    There are an estimated 263 million registered motor vehicles in the United States. Each American spends an average of 1 hour per day on the road. Statistically, motor vehicles - which are heavily regulated who can own, who can operate, and the design and safety of their devices and skill level - means, that, yeah, they're gonna kill people.

    Conversely, firearms really are poorly regulated. Want to own a device whose entire function is to kill people? Sure! In most states, you just go buy one. Seriously. Some states have background checks, or waiting periods, but a lot of them don't!

    Most states do not require any competency training in the proper usage, storage, or lawful use of guns. That seems really stupid, to me. Apparently, 26 states let you "carry concealed" without first proving you know how to use the damn thing.

    The NRA opposed smartguns - which would prevent unauthorized people - like children in the home - from using them. Why would the NRA block this common sense security device? Fuck, the court can order a breathalizer installed on cars to stop people who can't seem to stop themselves from driving drunk from driving drunk. But, smart gun locks? Noooooo
    forbes.com - The NRA's Next Battleground ... Smart Guns

    Apparently, "every" American consumes 2.3 gallons of ethanol every year (per capita). So, if beer is 5% alcohol, that means about 46 gallons of beer per year, per person.

    So, alcohol kills people? Duh. Cigarettes do, too, but there always seems to be that weird thing about "letting adults kill themselves by ingestion of lawful poisons," thing that is always a funny slippery slope, all the time.

    Now, as noted before, it is already illegal pretty much everywhere, to consume any substance that impairs reflexes, senses or judgement, and then operate heavy machinery. But, you know, people do it all the fucking time, anyway, right? Yeah, well, imagine if it wasn't illegal - then the death rates would soar.

    So, you're right to say "More needs to be done to prevent motor vehicle deaths!" and to say "More needs to be done to prevent alcohol and drug deaths!"

    But, luv, while I appreciate that you did, in fact, write very eloquently and politely (which, let's face it, is rare on the Interwebs anymore), I'm calling the commonly used (but not so well as you did) "But, look at all these other [heavily regulated] things that kill people, while [very poorly regulated] guns hardly kill anyone at all!" is hand-waving "don't look behind the curtain" persuasive argument bullshit.