Sunday, December 21, 2014

People fascinate me: inflatable latex beetle costume found on eBay

People fascinate me.

I mean, look at the fascinating things you can find on eBay, even without actually trying to find fascinating things. I was looking at clothing and costumes, and this came up.

Somewhere, someone thought it would be worthwhile to spend many, many hours designing and constructing this costume, and then debugging the inflation mechanism that would 1) inflate it, 2) keep it that way, 3) allow the wearer to breathe.

I leave it to your own deranged imagination all the mundane (or not so mundane) reasons this exists. Reasons which drive a complete array of fascinating behaviors - I mean, I bet toddlers would think this is the most awesome dinosaur costume ever! (And that's only one of the "mundane" possibilities, you pervert.)

People fascinate me.

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