Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chase the root cause, dumbass

The other thing to remember is that the "war on drugs" failed. It was an absolute disaster, because money was funneled to the rich wasted by chasing the drugs themselves and never addressing the reasons such people wanted drugs in the first place.

Why do people want drugs? Because it makes them feel better - same reason they want alcohol and porn and gambling and all those other things that are generally fine in small amounts, and destroy lives in large amounts.

"Feel better" is a deliberately  fuzzy term - "stop feeling pain by becoming numb" is a valid definition of "feel better."

Also "enhance performance" is a valid definition - this is why rich people (like Trump) do cocaine - it "energizes" them and helps them "do more faster."

People want things - people gonna get things. History proves this over and over and over (Prohibition anyone?).

Wake up, people, and realize making drugs illegal is a waste of resources.  Make them all legal and then funnel all that money into drug rehab programs, into job training programs, into stress management programs.

But, now you can begin to realize that the point isn't to help people - it's deliberate to keep people down - to control the masses thru moralizism.

It's Class Warfare, Bitches.