Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boycott Trump business - make them come unglued

We need a massive boycott of every business venture Trump or his people touch in any way. Starve them into panicking, and crank their batshit crazy up a few notches. Make them come really unglued.

And I don't just mean Trump properties - I mean find his suppliers and boycott them. Find out who made the hats and tell them you are boycotting them to protest them helping Trump. Find out who else they make hats for, and tell those companies, they buy from a company supplying Trump, therefore you don't want their goods either.

If no one wants to buy from Trump's suppliers, no one will sell to Trump. If no one will sell to Trump, even his bobble head worshipers cannot buy from him.

And not just Trump, but the Cabinet - Tillerson or De Vos and all those swampland alligator billionaire cronies installed specifically to hurt America.

Starve their business partners and they panic. They think money is important. They worship money. They suffer an insanity of greed and the ego that comes from syncophants fawning over them.

Cut off their connections, and they panic. Make them panic - make them feel Trump is toxic - and they pull the plug on him.

Starve the greedy by cutting off their egos, and change the world.

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