Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ain't Got Time To Bleed - Class Warfare Doesn't Sleep

I think he covered just about everything and wrapped it up with that evocative tagline. Nice.

Oh, we mock celebrities, but we also worship them (cough Trump cough).  And let's face it, sometimes it takes the eye-grabbing mechanism of a celebrity to get people to stand still for 30 seconds and pay attention. Once attention is grabbed, then maybe the message can be delivered. Gov Ventura is actually quite articulate and had some decent policies during his tenure.

He has a good message here. The big thing he does is appeal to everyone. His message isn't "conservative" nor "liberal" - his message is "We The People Are Fed Up!"

It's a good message. Slap people who split hairs about it, instead of paying attention to the substance (e.g. food genomes are patented, not copyrighted [yet, anyway]).

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