Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Root Cause: Rape happens, because people commit rape

Women don't get raped for wearing the wrong clothing, they get raped, because men rape them.

This is basic root cause for so many things. People get shot (or stabbed, or clubbed), because someone shoots them.

You get two basic reasons for trying to wave off the reality of rape.

1) blame the victim - often done as a way to justify it otherwise moralize the rape action. "Well, if she hadn't advertised she wanted to be raped, no one would have raped her." Obviously, this is bullshit, and somehow the would-be rapist never seems to catch the implicit insult about how he has less self-control than a mentally damaged dog.

2) Evil exists in the world and you need to try to protect yourself from it. This is a true statement. It should not be construed as an excuse for evil to be evil, that is, just because men sometimes rape women, does not absolve rapists of being rapists, if a women does not somehow prevent him from raping her.

So, just as the root cause of murder (deliberate killing action) is someone committing the murderous action, and failure to prevent oneself being murdered does not absolve the murderer of being a murderer, then rapists are rapists and we need to grow up and accept that rape happens, because men refuse to exercise even basic control over themselves.

But, you know, at the end of the day, grow up and take some responsibility for your actions.

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