Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mock the Meme: the NRA trying to sell silencers

I'm totally fine as long as we're really talking about using them for hunting rifles, which is the story the meme is selling.

So, let's all agree to keep pistol suppressors off the market? Since no sane person tries hunting deer or rabbit with just a pistol, anyway, right?

I mean, a pistol as a backup, in case something goes wrong, absolutely, but anyone who wants to shoot the rabbit or deer up close and pistol personal in the first place isn't the kind of person I want having a gun, anyway.

By the way, apparently in the US, there is a $200 application fee to buy a silencer, aka firearm suppressor.  Given that most decent firearms can cost well in excess of $200, oh, boo hoo.  If you want it badly enough, do some paperwork, otherwise don't whine when "the criminals" start flooding the market with suppressors and shooting your "lawful gun owner" ass.

It's called "persuasive argument," and the point is to convince you of an idea. The meme presents the idea of firearm silencers as a good thing that every reasonable person would want.

What the meme deliberately ignores and deliberately misleads you away from is items I touched on above - pistols and all the other reasons silencers are currently illegal. They weren't designed as courtesy features. They were designed as military and killing features - imagine how much harder domestic violence case become when there are fewer witnesses because no one heard the gun shots the day before, so no one called the cops until the body was found long after the assailant fled the state.

This isn't rocket science. There are very good reasons that suppressors are not legal, and the NRA assholes are still selling the same old shit: get everyone terrified, so everyone jumps into the arms race out of terror, and the NRA owners - the gun makers - make shitloads of money off terrified peasants killing each other.

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