Friday, March 4, 2016

Vote! Vote for anyone EXCEPT Trump!

VOTE as if your personal future, and the future of your children and grandchildren depends on it - because it does!

This is America.  I want you to vote.  I want to see the biggest fucking voter turnout in history.  I almost don't even care if you vote for candidates I personally loathe - just turnout and vote.

Although, remember, it is important whom you vote for as well as against.

We can't afford to be stupid and say "Oh, I'm going to protest by shirking my right and privilege to make my voice heard, to stand up for what I believe in, and to get my ass out and vote!"

I mean, seriously, we need to all be #AngryGrrls4Bernie - and if Secretary Clinton gets nominated, then get your ass out and vote for her, because Trump will fuck your ass over.

Donald Trump is one of the worse and most embarrassing things to ever happen to American politics.  Seriously, he's an embarrassment, and his incredible success in the polls and running as the candidate shows how insane and fucked up - and a humiliating joke -  the American electoral system has become.

Trump isn't making a mockery of the electoral system - he's playing by the rules we've been taught to buy into and showing us what a fucking joke they already are!

Trump has stripped away the veneer of civility and decorum from the entire American society. He's ripped back the scab to reveal the festering rot of racism and cockroaches we all are.  How we have an eight-second attention span, and will buy any lie - no matter how patently false - that a charismatic snake oil salesmen presents to us in a bold, confident voice.  That we won't bother to fact-check, that we won't believe the facts when told to us - that we want to be lied to and we want to believe the lies - because we're ignorant little tits.

So, get your ass out and VOTE - VOTE FOR ANYONE EXCEPT TRUMP!

The movie "Idiocracy" wasn't a satire, it was a prophecy.  In that dystopian future, the President is a joke, the country is a joke (they use Gatorade to water farms, instead of water), and everyone cheers and jeers when the entertainer-in-the-White-House tells them to.

Anyone who wants to try taking the morale high ground with me over "calling Trump names," has lost that battle before starting, so don't even try.

Trump has convinced everyone his name means "quality" and "success."  But the truth is that his "success" as the iconic American entrepreneur really just means "Yeah, I failed again and again, but I keep trying again and again, therefore - Trump means success,  because I say so!"

Being born a multi-millionaire makes it a LOT easier to "fail and fail again," until finally getting it right once in a while.

It wasn't so long ago that I vented my spleen that people compared American political figures to Hitler.  How na├»ve I was just a year ago.

And finally, let's just talk about how he conducts himself in public. Trump is currently a mere entertainer. If we make this asshole the Leader of the Free World, he represents All of America. His personal conduct and opinions are no longer his own - they represent All of Us.

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