Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Here’s how you can use the ‘Facebook effect’ to stop Donald Trump

From the article:
Although one can still choose to not participate in the discussion, a recent scientific study shows that if one wants the political candidate they support to win, they need to join in. We have all heard the rallying cry “Your vote counts.” Now that can be extended to “Your Facebook comments count.”

I'm so depressed now.  Basically, by posting the shit out of something, we can influence what others think about it - positive, or negative - in a real and tangible way.

That means, when I rant against Trump, or for Clinton, or against rape, or for D&D, then I'm influencing how other people think about these same things.

I always knew my writings were mind worms, but that was really just me being meta and all that shit.  The truth is that it's not meta, it's real.  And the more the mindless idiots of the world cheer on Trump, even if they're spreading total bullshit, the more mindless idiots fall in love with someone who is a total farce.

That kind of shit is just freaky.

Equally freaky is how easily I was able to share this. The website managers provided a really handy little button form me to click.  Now, I've spread the word about their word, and the word is the bird, and the bird is flying up your nose.

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